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Meet the Implico Communications Team

Amy Lichtenwalter
President & CEO


Mary Dvorak
VP of Operations


Andrea Chung
Graphic Designer


Ellen Griswold
Senior Project Manager


Marissa Paesang
Graphic Designer


Jocelyn Penniston
Graphic Designer


Emily Vye
Communications Coordinator


Kaci Witter
Graphic Designer


Something special happens when a group of talented and passionate people come together to work towards a common goal. Here at Implico Communications, our team cares about helping to ensure our clients get exactly what they’re looking for—benefits communications that are high quality without the hefty price tag.

For the Implico team, it’s not only about enjoying the work they do but also about enjoying the people they work with.

Emily Vye, Communications Coordinator says she loves working for Implico because she thinks that a company founded and run by women is inspiring.

I love working at Implico,” says graphic designer, Jocelyn Penniston. “There is a sense of community; everyone is super approachable and supportive.”

A supportive and friendly environment is a common thread among the team. Graphic designer, Marissa Paesang says, “I love working at Implico because we all work as a team to help each other grow and learn.”  Andrea Chung, graphic designer also agrees saying “One of the best parts of working at Implico as a designer is that we are given opportunities to be creative, and are encouraged to grow in our field.”

“Everyone is so friendly, and we vibe really well,” adds Ellen Griswold, Implico’s Senior Project Manager. “Coworkers definitely make or break a work environment and (at Implico), they make the environment enjoyable.”

Graphic designer, Kaci Witter, says it best, “It’s a great company and I’m proud to be a part of a great team!

“We have a team of go-getters who enjoy working together, and they have a lot of autonomy to shine,” says Amy Lichtenwalter, the founder of Implico Communications.

So, without further ado, meet the people at Implico who bring together the ultimate pairing of quality and affordability in benefits communications.

Amy Lichtenwalter is the Founder and CEO of Implico Communications. After years of working in communications for a variety of larger companies, she decided to use the knowledge she’d gained to found Implico in 2012. Amy is the vision behind it all, ensuring that Implico helps companies engage and connect with their employees through high-end benefits communications without a high-end price tag. Amy’s background in interior design helps her to bridge the gap between the worlds of design and communications.

Mary Dvorak serves as Implico’s VP of Design. With more than 20 years design experience, Mary provides technical reviews of all projects. A “people person” who is known for her patience, she leads and mentors the designers and helps transform ideas into creative designs.  While design is her first priority, Mary willingly steps in wherever support is needed. Outside of work, you’ll often find Mary with her kids, cooking, camping, and enjoying the outdoors.

Andrea Chung is on the graphic design team and lives in Pittsburgh, PA. She recently graduated from Columbia College in Chicago. She loves working remotely from home!

Ellen Griswold is our Senior Project Manager whose engineering background has helped refine and standardize Implico’s processes. She works to manage the team’s internal resources to ensure consistent workflow and on-time delivery of projects. Originally from Dallas, she studied Civil Engineering at the University of Kansas. After working as a civil analyst and for Kimley Horn in Dallas, for a year, she joined our team here in our Dallas office. In her free time, she enjoys volunteering with Junior League and spending time with friends and her mini Bernedoodles, hammocking, baking, and crafting.

Marissa Paesang is a graphic designer who lives outside of Pittsburg, PA. Marissa is lightening fast with her ability to flow guides, beating senior designers with three times the experience! In her free time she enjoys photography and really anything to express herself creatively.

Jocelyn Penniston is also on the graphic design team. She was an intern this summer and Amy didn’t want to lose her, so she offered for her to extend her stay and join us permanently – even while she finished her last semester at school! She is a talented and beautiful designer. In her free time she likes spending time with her dog, a small poodle mix that was rehomed to her. She also enjoys reading horror fiction (i.e. Stephen King).

Emily Vye serves as the communications coordinator and is the gas that makes the engine go! Originally from Orange County, California, Emily moved to Dallas to attend Southern Methodist University. She loved Dallas so much that after graduation, she decided to make it home. Unlike our team in far off states, Emily offices out of our Uptown location. When not working, she loves cycling, playing with her car, traveling and reading. 

Kaci Witter rounds out the graphic design team. Originally from Arkansas, she lives in Illinois with her fiancé and yes, four cats. She is the backbone of the revisions department and can tirelessly turn out 100s of text during the Open Enrollment season. She loves spending time outdoors when it is nice and enjoys road tripping and traveling to new places. She also can be found crafting, doing puzzles and playing video games.

Our team is ready to help you create world-class employee benefits communications. Give Implico a call today!