The Implico vSeriesTM

Redefine engagement with engaging videos, captivating images, and impactful messaging within each microsite. Crafted with a focus on impact, the vSeries enables you to tailor your communication approach to resonate with your unique audience, enhancing their understanding and appreciation of their benefits.

The vFlyerTM

The vFlyer is a digital platform that not only avoids the risk of being discarded but also provides a permanent, easily accessible resource for your employees.

The vFlyer acts as the Open Enrollment hub, providing direct links to enrollment sites, benefits guides, and even newsletters explaining changes for the upcoming enrollment year.

The vFlyer doesn’t just deliver messages; it provides valuable insights into how employees interact with the content, enabling you to refine and optimize your communication strategy.


The vBAAG (Virtual Benefits-At-A-Glance) by Implico is designed to serve as a virtual hub for Open Enrollment, new hires, and recruiting efforts, the vBAAG offers a sleek alternative to traditional Benefits-At-A-Glance printouts.

The vBAAG allows you to showcase your medical, dental, and vision benefits with a quick snapshot of essential offerings and move beyond the basics by creating a centralized hub for HR documents, including SPDs, additional carrier flyers, and any other materials relevant to your employee benefits.

You can enhance your employee’s understanding of their benefits with our informative explainer videos. These videos guide employees on how to navigate and maximize their benefits, fostering a deeper appreciation for the offerings available.

The vGuideTM

The Implico vGuide is an online benefits guide that transcends the limitations of traditional print. Tailored to your benefits, the vGuide offers a comprehensive fully customizable and branded microsite that is securely hosted and monitored 24/7.

Beyond benefits information, the vGuide serves as a centralized repository for HR documents, explainer videos, and any other materials essential to your employees’ understanding of their benefits. And because things sometimes change, each vGuide subscription includes updates as needed throughout the year, allowing you update contents as circumstances change.

After Year 1, we simplify the transition between plan years with a dual year landing page which seamlessly directs employees between the existing site for reference while providing a preview of the upcoming plan year, complete with a “What’s Changing” page.


The vFairTM

The Implico vFair is part of the Implico vSeries microsite collection. Unlike traditional on-site events, this virtual fair provides 24/7 accessibility, allowing employees to explore new benefits providers at their convenience. With a user-friendly interface, it offers an interactive and personalized experience, enabling informed decision-making. By breaking free from one-day limitations, Implico vFair revolutionizes benefits engagement, ensuring employees have the time and flexibility to make choices that suit their needs.

Custom Websites

Implico’s Custom Websites offer a personalized approach to employee benefits information. Beginning with a detailed site map, we design a wireframe that outlines your microsite’s structure, ensuring that the content is tailored to your organization’s specific needs. Our process includes writing and editing the material to best fit your brand, and once approved, we construct a fully customized, secure, and user-friendly microsite. This service allows for real-time updates and a seamless transition between plan years, keeping employees informed and engaged with their benefits. Ultimately, our Custom Websites stand as a dynamic resource for both current and future benefits education.

What Sets the Implico vSeries Apart

Comprehensive Information Hub: The vSeries microsites act as centralized hubs for hosting a variety of comprehensive benefits information, ensuring that your employees have everything they need at their fingertips.

Built-in Tracking and Reporting: Harness the power of built-in tracking and reporting features to gain insights into user engagement, ensuring that your benefits messages are not only delivered but also making an impact.

Mobile-Friendly Design: With a mobile-friendly design, the vSeries microsites ensure that your benefits communication is accessible and engaging, whether your audience is on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone.