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Communication, and either the frequency of it or the absence of it, creates the reality that people experience. If you don’t communicate your benefits well, you may as well not even offer them—because the impact is the same on the organization.

We start by listening to your needs, targeting any issues and helping you develop a communications strategy that meets your goals, whether it’s for Open Enrollment or year-round. And we measure results to ensure you receive a return on your investment.

While an annual enrollment guide or a few e-cards may be all you think you need, a piecemeal approach isn’t as effective as a multichannel communications campaign. More and more of our clients are realizing that to truly engage their employees, they must reach them through multiple channels, and they must communicate year-round—that’s where you see real results!

Benefits Guides

Enhance your Open Enrollment experience with a cohesive and branded communication strategy for your benefits program. Our suite of traditional print and PDF options ensures a seamless and effective enrollment process, making the entire experience easy for your team. We offer both a semi-custom option, which can be easily branded to reflect your unique identity, and a fully custom design solution. Discover our Open Enrollment offerings for a comprehensive and tailored approach to impactful employee engagement.


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The Implico vSeriesTM

Step up benefits communication with our vSeries – a dynamic solution that includes the vBAAGTM, the vFlyerTM, and the vGuideTM. Each microsite is designed to host engaging videos and comprehensive benefits information. Tailored for impact, the vSeries redefines engagement by seamlessly blending videos, images, and messaging. With built-in tracking and reporting features, coupled with a mobile-friendly design, our vSeries ensures your messages resonate and deliver results effectively, providing a fresh and comprehensive approach to digital communication.

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Educational Videos

Implico’s video library showcases engaging explainer videos that complement traditional benefits guides or microsites, enhancing your Open Enrollment communications. Our dynamic Open Enrollment Highlights Webinar offers an engaging alternative to traditional PPT presentations, complete with insightful reporting. Additionally, we offer custom videos on any topic you need, taking care of the script and storyboard.

Transform your benefits communication with creative videos that engage, teach, and entertain.

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Companion Collateral

Effective enrollment strategies rely on a multi-channel approach, and the good news is that it doesn’t have to be complicated. We help you to create a customized campaign without the guesswork. With our Open Enrollment options, establish a consistent and recognizable look for your communications by branding your benefits program. We provide a range of ready-to-use materials to build out your campaign. From traditional to digital and multi-media communications, tailor your campaign to suit your needs. Elevate your Open Enrollment experience with ease and impact, ensuring a cohesive and engaging communication strategy.

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Implico365TM Retainers

The Implico365 Retainer is our flat-fee solution for both Brokers and Employers. Whether you’re navigating the complexities of year-round engagement or gearing up for a strategic Open Enrollment campaign, our flat-fee solution provides you with unmatched access to our team of skilled professionals. No need for intricate estimates or protracted scope discussions—simply sign off once, and we provide everything you need for a seamless and successful communication strategy.

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Benefits Resource Hub

Step into the future with the Benefits Resource Hub – a first-of-its-kind portal where cutting-edge AI meets expertly designed and curated materials. The Benefits Resource Hub helps transform complex benefits information into engaging, accessible narratives. Here, every interaction is an opportunity to educate and inspire, as you leverage the power of AI to deliver a personalized, impactful benefits experience. Welcome to the forefront of benefits communication, where sophistication is simplified and employee engagement is reimagined.

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