Implico Video Solutions

If a picture is worth a thousand words then a video is worth a thousand pictures.

Video Just Makes it Better

Integrating video into your communications with Implico’s versatile video solutions helps to captivate and educate employees. Video introduces a dynamic and engaging aspect to your messaging, capturing the attention of your audience in a way that traditional print communications may not. It offers a visually compelling medium to convey information, making complex topics more accessible and memorable.

Whether integrated into a vSeriesTM solution or employed as a standalone project, video has the potential to simplify complex concepts, ensuring that your message resonates effectively, contributing to higher retention rates and overall engagement. We handle the script and storyboard to ensure a seamless experience.

Open Enrollment Announcement Videos

Engage employees with an Open Enrollment communication video announcement. This is a powerful way to notify employees about the upcoming Open Enrollment period. Whether it’s active enrollment, emphasizing the need to enroll in benefits to maintain coverage for the next plan year, or passive enrollment, highlighting the opportunity to review and adjust benefits, our video delivers key messages with impact.

Open Enrollment Meetings Reimagined

Transform your Open Enrollment (OE) meetings with our Open Enrollment Highlights video—an animated, chaptered overview that takes your traditional OE Meetings PowerPoint presentation to the next level. This innovative video format enables employees to seamlessly navigate through chapters, learning about what’s new, understanding the Open Enrollment timeline, and reviewing available benefit options. Hosted for convenience, this video allows employees to bookmark specific sections, providing the flexibility to revisit the content throughout the year for refreshers or comprehensive reviews of their benefits. Say goodbye to static presentations and welcome a dynamic, user-friendly approach to Open Enrollment communication that empowers your workforce with accessible and engaging information.

Talk About Benefits in a Way Employees Like to Learn

Introduce employees to the benefits with Implico’s explainer videos—an extensive library covering a variety of topics aimed at enhancing employees’ understanding of essential aspects like medical, dental, and vision benefits. Dive deeper into the intricacies of voluntary benefits, exploring how these offerings contribute to creating a comprehensive benefits package tailored to individual needs. Our explainer videos go beyond the basics, shedding light on the benefits that foster a healthy work-life balance. Employees can glean insights on how to maximize their benefits, ensuring they make informed decisions that align with their well-being. With Implico’s explainer videos, empower your workforce with knowledge that extends beyond the surface, creating a culture of understanding and appreciation for the array of benefits your company has to offer.

Ready to Learn More?

Transform your Open Enrollment communication strategy- from engaging announcement videos to animated, chaptered highlights, our video offerings bring a dynamic edge to the traditional. Elevate understanding, enhance accessibility, and foster a year-round connection with your employees. Take the next step toward a more informed and engaged workforce by incorporating our video solutions into your Open Enrollment campaign. Experience the power of visual communication – simplify, engage, and make your Open Enrollment journey truly seamless. Contact us today to embark on a new era of communication effectiveness.