Open Enrollment Campaigns

Effective enrollment communication campaigns rely on a multi-channel strategy. The good news is that a plan doesn’t have to be complicated, and our packages take the guesswork out of the equation.

Going Beyond the Guide

At Implico, we understand that effective enrollment campaigns require a strategic, multi-channel approach to engage and inform seamlessly. Our commitment is to help you eliminate the guesswork – helping you to create a tailored, impactful campaign.

Our goal is to establish a consistent and recognizable brand for your benefits program beyond the benefits guide, providing a diverse range of tools and resources. Whether you need eye-catching postcards, impactful posters, dynamic PowerPoint templates, detailed rate sheets, or convenient wallet cards, we’ve got your entire campaign covered.

Navigate through our offerings and discover how completing your Open Enrollment campaign becomes a streamlined, impactful process with Implico.


Let employees know when Open Enrollment is taking place with posters hung on-site in offices or break rooms ranging in size from 11×17 for small posters, or 18×24 and 24×36 for medium to large posters. View Posters


Postcards can announce Open Enrollment is Coming, Open Enrollment Has Started or a Reminder to not miss out. Postcards are designed to mail, but can also be designed to be delivered as a desk drop.

Home Mailers

Home Mailers inform everyone of key changes to the benefits and help ensure spouses and family members don’t miss out. They come in a variety of sizes, 11×17, 25.5×11, or 18×9 folded to 6×9 – each tailored to your message.

4-Page BAAG

Our 4-page BAAGs are perfect for providing a high-level look at the available benefits that can be used for either open enrollment or recruiting needs.

2-page BAAG

The 2-page BAAG provides a snapshot of your benefit offerings and are perfect for recruiting or when there are not major changes to benefits.

Power Point Decks

Choose from a 3-slide deck in your coordinating template design with a cover, divider and contents slide, or a complete Open Enrollment presentation with speaker notes.

Email Banners

Tie your Open Enrollment campaign together with our email banners which can be sized for emails, newsletters or enrollment portals.

Printed Wallet Cards

Provide employees with a convenient way to carry benefits information without fumbling through multiple documents to find important information.

Rate Sheets

When your employee contributions can’t be included in a benefits guide, a rate sheet are a quick and easy way to let employees understand the cost of benefits.

Wait There’s More! Implico Translation, Print and Mail Services

Implico’s print and translation services stand as the icing on the cake—the final step in execution and is designed to make your experience not only complete but exceptionally easy. In the intricate dance of open enrollment, we recognize that the last steps matter just as much as the first. This isn’t just about getting the job done; it’s about making the final phase a stress-free, seamless endeavor. With Implico at your side, open enrollment becomes not just a task but a seamless, strategic initiative. Elevate your communication game, simplify the process, and make open enrollment a breeze with Implico’s print and translation services.

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