5 Ways to Improve Employee Engagement through Benefits Communication

Sep 5, 2023

It’s no secret that the more connected people feel to something—whether an organization, an idea, or a leader—the more willing they are to take action. Here at Implico Communications, our mission is to help people feel connected to their healthcare decisions, through employee benefits communications, so they can take steps to improve their overall wellbeing.

Good communication plays a variety of roles, from updating employees on important developments, to sharing reminders about organizational culture, and even encouraging team members to take advantage of the perks and benefits you offer. The way you communicate with your team matters, and we’re experts at maximizing your employees’ engagement with their health and wellness.

At Implico, we want to support you in making your benefits communications accessible and engaging, so your employees can appreciate the benefits package you’ve worked hard to assemble. We offer a variety of communication packages designed to meet your particular needs and communications strategy. We want your benefits communications to be as unique as the perks you offer, and we’re confident of the difference it’ll make for your employees.


How does benefits communication increase employee engagement?


1.  Makes information accessible.

There are dozens of things competing for our brains’ attention at any given time, and when messaging isn’t clear or concise, it’s often disregarded. Quality benefits communications provide information in a straightforward and consistent way, making it easier to understand… and harder to miss.

2.  Shows your investment in their wellbeing

Good benefits communications remind your team that you’re listening to their concerns and needs and taking action to meet them. Benefits communications say to your employees, “We see you.”

3.  Answers their questions

Healthcare details can be overwhelming. Quality benefits communications allow you to answer the questions that your employees are pondering in a clear and simple manner. When people don’t feel confused with their options, they’re much more likely to engage with their benefits in a confident way.

4.  Invites action

Whether it’s participating in annual Open Enrollment, connecting with a mental health professional, or using the employee assistance program for support, quality benefits communications call people to action. Communications can be a powerful tool in inspiring and encouraging people to take steps forward and engage with their well-being.

5.  Makes them feel good

Benefits communications can serve to increase people’s sense of belonging, in realizing that they’re not alone in their questions, their health concerns, or in their desire to provide for their future and their loved ones. Tailoring communications to the needs of your team is a powerful way to remind them of their importance in your organization and help them get excited about better health, in all areas of their lives.


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