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Communication, and either the frequency of it or the absence of it, creates the reality that people experience. If you don’t communicate your benefits well, you may as well not even offer them—because the impact is the same on the organization.

We start by listening to your needs, targeting any issues and helping you develop a communications strategy that meets your goals, whether it’s for Open Enrollment or year- round. And we measure results to ensure you receive a return on your investment.

While an annual enrollment guide or a few e-cards may be all you think you need, a piecemeal approach isn’t as effective as a multichannel communications campaign. More and more of our clients are realizing that to truly engage their employees, they must reach them through multiple channels, and they must communicate year-round — that’s where you see real results!

We Develop


We Develop


On Whatever the Topic!

  • Recruiting and Onboarding
  • Health Benefits
  • Wellness
  • Total Rewards
  • Leave of Absence
  • Retirement Planning

For Whatever the Medium!

  • Traditional communications: Print materials such as self-mailers, brochures, guides, posters, postcards.
  • Interactive communications: Digital e-guides, flipbooks and postcards, e-cards, microsites
  • Multimedia: Video or Chaptered PPT presentations with voice-over.

We offer unique designs –

Save on cost and lead time when you pick from our creative and expansive proprietary Allegro™ Design Series Library.

Take a peek!

Our Services

Open Enrollment Benefits Campaigns

Effective enrollment communication campaigns rely on a multi-channel strategy. The good news is that a plan doesn’t have to be complicated, and our packages take the guesswork out of the equation.

With our Open Enrollment package, you can create a recognizable and consistent look and feel for your communications by branding your benefits program. We can help you develop an enrollment campaign that includes everything from traditional to digital and multi-media communications such as:

  • Traditional Enrollment Guides – choose from traditional, graphic-focused, gallery collection and navigation-enhanced layout options when you select one of our Allegro Design Series layouts. View our Allegro Design Series Library.
  • Benefits-at-a-Glance (BAAG) Brochures – perfect for open enrollment or recruiting needs. View 4-page BAAG, 2-page BAAG.
  • Posters and Postcards – announce Open Enrollment dates, meetings and other key company messages and help ensure spouses and family members don’t miss out. View Posters, Postcards.
  • PowerPoint Presentations – choose from 3-slide design templates or complete Open Enrollment presentations with slides and speaker notes. View 3-Slide Deck, Complete Open Enrollment Presentation.
  • Email Banners – tie your Open Enrollment campaign together. Our email banners can be sized for emails or newsletter communications. View Email Banners.
  • Wallet Cards – provide a convenient way to carry benefits information without fumbling through multiple documents to find important information. View Wallet Cards.
  • Rate Sheets – provide employees with a quick and easy way to identify costs, and contributions. View Rate Sheets.
  • OE Checklists – help employees stay organized and on-track during open enrollment and focus on what is
    important to ensure they enroll on time and with the benefits they need. View Checklists.
  • Onboarding PPT – A strong employee onboarding experience sets up new hires for success and drives retention. Our Onboarding PPT helps to make a great first impression, communicate company culture, and optimize productivity with a smooth onboarding program. View the Onboarding PPT.

Create lasting engagement with year-round communications! Why hire one or even two employees, when for the same price you can gain complete access to our team of experienced writers and designers with our IImplico365™ retainer option. We will immerse ourselves in your business and become an extension of your HR or Communication team.

  • Ongoing Benefits Engagement builds your strategy to go beyond the dates of Open Enrollment with the constant communication that encourages employees to stay engaged.

With each Implico365™ retainer, you receive our monthly wellness newsletter that can be provided to your clients as a value-add to your other services. Each edition is branded with the client logo and delivered in a digital PDF format ready for client distribution.

Implico Essentials

Trying to keep costs? Consider our lower cost product line created in User-Friendly PowerPoint.

We will help you create a beautifully designed Enrollment Guide or Benefits-At-A-Glance (BAAG) that engages and inspires—without the big price tag! You choose from our 10 most popular designs in the Allegro Design Library, we flow in the copy from your previous year’s communication, and then we pass the file off to you, and you take it from there. It’s that simple! View the Essentials Benefits Guides, BAAG.


Create a website with unique design and clean, simply navigation that allows employees and their family members easy access!

We offer a myriad of website options to fit your every need, including:

  • Custom Microsite – fully tailored design and content to fit your organization’s needs.
  • Essentials Microsite – a lower cost option that includes one design with color choice and plan specifics. Best practice content for each section and the option to turn it on or off. View the Essentials Microsite.
  • Benefits Hub – a one-page site with links to important benefits information, such as enrollment guide, Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC), other PDFs or carrier websites.
  • Virtual Benefits Fair – Attendees can explore resources, watch videos, download documents, and access FAQs all in one place at their convenience 24/7, throughout the fair duration. View the Virtual Benefits Fair.
  • Recruiting Microsite – designed to engage new recruits. View the Recruiting site.
HR Toolkit

Benefits are front and center, and benefits’ value has never been more critical. Good benefits communication is more than just enrolling – it now covers the entire employee journey within a company. Our toolkit helps you provide a cohesive campaign for every journey step.

Create a complete toolkit that enables HR leaders to shine! Toolkits include:

    • Manager Checklist – a manager’s list of to-dos to guide newly hired employees. View the Manager Checklist.
    • Recruiting Benefits At-A-Glance (BAAG) – gives new recruits an overview of the benefits. View the Recruiting BAAG.
    • Total Rewards Brochure – a brochure that highlights all that the company has to offer employees: benefits, perks, compensation and more! View the Total Rewards Brochure.
    • Life Events Brochure – covers the details around each type of qualified life event. View the Life Events Brochure.
    • Leaves Brochure – covers the details around each type of leave of absence. View the Leaves Brochure.
    • Monthly or Quarterly Benefits Newsletters – inspire people to improve their physical, emotional, and financial health by educating employees on maximizing their benefits. View Newsletters.
    • Benefit and Wellness Logos – brand your program, so your communications stand out. View Benefit and Wellness Logos.
    • Reaching 50 Brochure – helps prepare your employees for life after the company.
    • Employee Value Proposition (EVP) Playbook – we help develop your personas and the talking points so managers are prepared how to talk to each employee about what’s important to them. View the EVP Playbook.

We create communications to help engage employees and inspire them to achieve total well-being.

Our offerings include:

  • Coming Soon! Mindful Minutes – a guided meditation library.
  • Step into Wellness eCards – digitally delivered with quick tips to keep wellness top of mind. View the Wellness eCards.
  • Wellness Flyers – help employees better understand the importance of biometric screenings and health risk assessments. View Wellness Flyers.
  • Newsletters – a monthly newsletter that covers the monthly health observance, along with articles to support financial, mental, emotional and physical wellness. View Newsletters.
  • Healthy Living Library – a resource library of articles featured in the newsletters, designed as plug & play flyers. We offer packages of 6, 12 or unlimited. View the Healthy Living Library.
  • Wellness Calendars – a resource to highlight key wellness program events and milestones along with healthy tips for each month. See Wellness Calendar.

Creative videos that engage, teach and entertain. Select from a variety of topics, we write the framework and create storyboards, you approve, and we produce it!

Our library runs deep, and we have created videos on a wide variety topics ranging from What is a PPO?, What is an HMO?, GoodRx, Mental Health Resources, Narrow Network, Nutrition, Preventive Care, Teladoc, Total Rewards, Where to go for Care, to Leaves including – Adoption, Caregiver, Medical, Parental and Paternity Leave. Pick the topic and we can write the script! View our Videos.

We get results!

We don’t just develop and implement campaigns and then leave you hanging! We measure the results so you can see what’s working and what isn’t, and we continuously tailor and improve our approach to fit your organization’s unique needs and ensure your return-on-investment year after year.

What’s that look like? We track website hits, page views and e-card open rates and collect data. And we keep you updated regularly so you can make informed decisions.