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The Allegro Design Series Library

The Allegro Design Series Library is comprised of Traditional guides, as well as Navigation Enhanced guides which when viewed full-screen act similarly to a webpage. Our Graphic guides combine a traditional guide with infographic style pages to convey the important information in a quick-view graphical way. Our Gallery Guide Collection is a series of layouts from local artist – each unique and lovely to look at while learning about benefits. View the Allegro Design Series Layouts.

Benefit Guide Customization Options

Page editsXXX
Reordering after draft 1XXX

Brand colorsX

Rounds of edits included
$150 per additional round
3 6 812
Content languageBest-practice language (no edits)Best-practice languageExisting guide's language flowed and updatedBest-practice language, your existing guide’s language or a hybrid of the two
Estimated timeline1-2 weeks1-3 weeks1-3 weeks3-5 weeks

The Gallery Guide Collection

The Gallery Guide Collection is a series of benefit guides that feature the artwork of local artists. What does art have to do with benefits you ask? Absolutely nothing! And that is the beauty of this idea – art inspires people, so why not marry the two – the art of local artists with the art of benefits.

Featuring the artwork of Cheryl Rhodes

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Featuring the artwork of Scott Dykema

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Featuring the artwork of Mary Tomás

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Featuring the artwork of Robin Ingle

Click to view sample spreads.

Navigation Enhanced Digital Guide Layouts

Our Navigation Enhanced guides are designed for a digital delivery with interactive menus and Table of Contents which enhance the reader’s experience by bringing ease to find the topics most important to them.

Graphic Focused Guide Layouts

Inspired by infographics, the Graphic Focused guide is visually focused with easy to read infographic style images to convey the benefits information in a snapshot helping the reader to quickly understand what they need to know.

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