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vGuide Microsites

vGuide – Your Virtual Benefits Guide The vGuide™ microsite is an online version of a traditional employee benefits guide. It can be a stand-alone project or created in conjuncture with an Open Enrollment Guide. We find that it’s most effective when this resource is outside of the firewall and without a password so that people can easily access it from a mobile device. Removing barriers makes it easy for people to engage – and that’s what it’s is all about, and of course having one single place to point people. Remember, you don’t go to WebMd to read the entire site but rather to find quick information – so make it easy!

Recruiting Microsite

With the Great Resignation, employees are quitting perfectly good jobs in search of something better. In a more competitive job market, Employers need to keep the story cohesive – every step of the journey. One way to ensure the information about the company is provided in a consistent and cohesive way, is with a recruiting microsite. It ensures all candidates receive the same comprehensive messaging to help your company shine.