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We believe that there is no point in communicating unless you know why you’re doing it and unless you know what you’re trying to accomplish – this is what a strategy is all about. Your communication strategy outlines why you’re communicating, how you will do it, who you’re talking to, and focuses on what employees care about most. An effective strategy doesn’t have to be complicated or take months to produce and good news – we can help.

Implico365 offers a comprehensive communications package that includes:
  • Benefit and Wellness Logos brand your program so your communications stand out.
  • Monthly or Quarterly Benefits Newsletters inspire people to improve their physical, emotional, and financial health by educating employees how to maximize their benefits.
  • Ongoing Benefits Engagement builds your strategy to go beyond the dates of Open Enrollment with on-going communication that encourages employees to stay engaged.
  • The ICI HR Toolkit: Benefits are front and center and the value of benefits has never been more important. This means more than just enrolling – it now covers the entire employee journey within a company. Our toolkit helps you provide a cohesive campaign – every step of the journey.