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Mergers and Acquisitions

Benefits are often an afterthought to those buying and selling businesses but are vital to having a smooth transition with employees who may or may not be thrilled with the idea of being acquired or sold. Then there is dealing with two HR directors who don’t know who’s benefits are going to be accepted in the transition and the broker already delivered the one guide they get each year, leaves for a sloppy transition. Our guides help employees understand benefit options, how to enroll with easy to understand information. 

The Implico M&A Strategy provides a detailed game plan for each step of the transition, from communicating with key stakeholders to creating calendars of events and tool kits for leaders and managers, to creating a comprehensive communication strategy for employees that helps them during each phase of the transition.

“Get on the Bus” transition packages help key stakeholders understand ahead of time what changes are happening and we supply them with an FAQ to arm them with how to communicate out the changes in a way that aligns with the corporate messaging.

PowerPoint Presentations: Sometimes it is best to say it once. Our benefits presentations allow for the message to be delivered the exact same way each time when dealing with employees in multiple locations either in person or via a Webex. We can carefully craft the message to help employees understand how their benefits are changing and what next steps they need to take.