Total Rewards in the Time of Corona

Apr 7, 2020

In these unprecedented times, your employees are likely to have reasons to use their additional or voluntary benefits. Sure, medical coverage is top of mind with everyone as we attempt to avoid the COVID-19 virus, and as we prepare for possible medical care during this season. But Safe at Home and Shelter in Place orders are changing everyone’s perspective and needs. If your company offers additional or voluntary benefits that can positively impact their world during this time, you may want to make sure your employees are aware of the details.

Now is a good time to remind your employees of the added values they receive with employment along with their pay and more frequently used benefits such as health and financial benefits. Many of your employees will not be as familiar with these benefits, so some employee communications now might be timely to engage employees with these benefits.

For instance, if you offer telehealth benefits, a reminder to employees of how that benefit works might come in handy in a time when the medical system is stretched thin. If your employees are sheltered at home with their children and participating in managing their children’s schooling, online educational resources might be useful. If your company offers any support in that area, a reminder about such a benefit might be useful.

Also, many people are dealing with the unusual psychological stresses of the pandemic. Concerns for family, aging parents, friends and anyone they know who might be sick can add to mounting financial pressures, especially if income is affected. If you offer counseling services as an additional benefit, now would be a great time to remind employees that they get more than a paycheck from your company. Remind your team how much your company cares by emphasizing attention to any psychological support you offer as a benefit. And if you offer employee discount programs, especially ones that offer in-home entertainment, point those out to homebound employees.

If you offer a variety of additional benefits to employees, it’s likely they never read up on what’s available unless they use that benefit regularly. Well, times have changed suddenly and so have people’s needs. By reaching out as a reminder of the added values built into your employee benefits with a message framed for the current crisis, you might connect some employees with services they want or need right now in this crisis. And sending that message now, shows that you care about their total well being.