The Perks of the Job: Total Rewards Brochures

May 3, 2023

When your employees consider the perks of being part of your company, the first thing that often comes to mind is pay and medical insurance. And while those may arguably be two of the most important benefits you offer to your team, you’d be remiss to not regularly highlight all the other ways you’re investing in your employees.

Working with Implico to design an annual Total Rewards Brochure is one of the best ways you can draw your employees’ attention to the whole picture of their compensation package. With our help, you’ll have high quality benefits communications at an affordable rate, and they’ll have a better understanding of the value of the benefits you offer. Total Rewards Brochures also gives them a nudge to consider whether they’re taking full advantage of the benefits you’ve made available to them.

4 Benefits to Highlight in a Total Rewards Brochure

Health and Wellness Benefits

Medical, dental and vision plans are just the start when it comes to health care benefits. For those hoping to embrace overall wellness, many other benefits will be significant. Perhaps you also offer discounted gym memberships, wellness coaching, or easy-to-access Telehealth. Don’t miss an opportunity to make sure your employees know that you want them to support their health and wellbeing.

Mental Health Benefits

The importance of maintaining mental health has never been clearer. Helping your employees access quality mental health care is significant to their success in every aspect of life, from personal to professional and beyond. Your Total Rewards Brochure can serve as a reminder to your team of how to seek support when facing mental health challenges.

Financial Benefits

Whether it’s managing current income or planning for the future, many people struggle to find the time to prioritize financial management. Some of your employees may be preparing for retirement, while others may need tools to get out of debt and manage their day-to-day budget. Whatever their needs, let your team know that you support them as they seek financial stability and success.

Discounts and Memberships

As inflation continues to rise, people are looking for new ways to stretch a dollar. The discounts and membership programs you offer will help your employees to enjoy life without breaking the bank. For some people, it’s the small things that make the biggest difference.

Why Are Reminders Important?

Circumstance change. People need different support at different stages of life. It can be hard to keep track of the details of your benefits in the midst of a busy life. Implico’s Total Rewards Brochures help your employees get the most out of your benefits package at any given point. They help ensure that your employees know the effort you’ve put into your compensation package and empowers them to utilize the resources you offer. We think that’s a win-win.

You care about your team and that’s why you’ve put so much work into the benefits you offer. Use a Total Rewards Brochure to help your employees engage with their benefits, so all of your people can be at their best. Contact Implico to get started today!