The NexGen Benefit Guides Have Arrived!

Feb 28, 2024

Communicating benefits to your employees can take time and effort. Traditional methods often fall short, with lengthy documents and cumbersome text failing to capture attention. However, the introduction of Implico’s NexGen Benefits Guide marks a significant evolution; by addressing these challenges head-on, a company communicates benefits.

Challenges in Traditional Benefit Communication

  • Limitations of eReaders: eReaders, while excellent for straightforward text, need more interactive elements, rendering them less effective for comprehensive benefits guides that include such features.
  • Short Attention Spans: Dense, text-heavy documents need to do more to retain attention in an age of digital distraction, often leading to overlooked crucial information, which leads to employees missing a lot of vital information about their benefits on the later pages of their benefits communication.
  • Overwhelmed HR teams. Human Resources (HR) departments often deal with a high volume of employee queries, which can be time-consuming and overwhelming. Many of these queries involve information in the benefits materials sent to employees via email or postal mail. Often, employees delete or discard the information, making it difficult for them to access it when needed. As a result, the HR team has to deal with a flood of easily avoidable questions, which can make it harder for them to focus on other essential tasks. HR leaders need innovative solutions.

Implico Communication’s Innovative Solutions – NexGen Guides

  • Overcoming eReader Shortcomings: NexGen Guides eliminate the need for traditional eReaders. This advanced approach facilitates a flipbook-style experience that is interactive and engaging, allowing users to navigate through information quickly and intuitively.
  • Cost-Effective and Eco-Friendly: The NexGen Guide is a sustainable solution that reduces costs and environmental impact without printing materials or static PDFs.
  • Universal Accessibility: Hosted online, these guides are readily accessible from any device with internet connectivity, ensuring that employees can access vital benefits information anytime, anywhere, with the same interactive experience whether on a phone, tablet, or computer.

Enhanced Engagement and Interactivity

Implico’s NexGen Guides are not just informative—they are interactive. By adopting a microsite-like format, these guides offer a rich, engaging user experience with features like clickable tabs and animated transitions, significantly surpassing the static, non-interactive nature of eReaders and PDFs. This interactivity ensures that employees are more likely to engage with and absorb the crucial benefits information presented.

Implico’s NexGen Benefits Guide represents a leap forward in benefits communication. By addressing the inherent limitations of eReaders and leveraging cutting-edge web technologies, these guides provide a versatile, engaging, and effective solution for conveying benefits information, ensuring it is accessed, understood, and valued by employees.