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The Implico Gallery Collection

The Implico Gallery Collection is a series of benefit guides that feature the artwork of local artists. The idea came about when Founder, Amy Lichtenwalter, was bored with basic stock photography, and looking for inspiration. What does art have to do with benefits” you ask? Absolutely nothing! And that is the beauty of this idea – art inspires people, so why not marry the two – the art of local artists with the art of benefits.

The Implico Gallery Collection Featuring Scott Dykema

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Scott Dykema

The inside of a 1947 Chevy school bus is the creative refuge for Arlington, Texas artist Scott Dykema, and it also provides the perfect backdrop for his large-scale paintings in which he expertly interplays such diverse media as spray paint, gold and silver leaf, house paints, and stains and varnishes. An intuitive artist with a keen grasp of space, texture, and color interaction, Scott’s highly energetic and even jubilant work ranges from the abstract to studies of such diverse subjects as cowboys, Native Americans, sumo wrestlers, samurai warriors, and geisha women.

While finishing his degree in Fine Art at the University of Texas at Arlington , where he graduated with honors, Scott apprenticed as a decorative artist’s assistant working on large scale murals, including four immense works that were hung in the Houston’s Minute Maid Stadium. Upon graduation, Scott and his wife, Anna, started a decorative painting business called Daydream Studios. His work there, which includes everything from tinted plaster finishes to metal leafing to private and public murals, is featured in homes and businesses throughout Texas.

As for his fine art, Scott’s strikingly unique work has been featured in numerous publications, including Luxe, 360 West, and Studio Visit, a juried artists magazine. He also illustrated the acclaimed children’s book, Keep Dreaming, and his work has appeared in several galleries in the DFW area. Through his gallery exposure and personal website, Scott has sold his bold work all over the U.S. and internationally, but this prolific artist’s greatest joy is creating art in his old school bus that people viscerally connect with in a meaningful way.

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The Implico Gallery Collection Featuring Cheryl Rhodes

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Cheryl Rhodes

Cheryl Rhodes is a local Dallas artist specializing in abstract painting who grew up in Kansas City, Missouri. She has called Texas home for the past 39 years and is married with two grown children. Self-taught and a creative soul all her life, Cheryl is at her best and definitely happiest when creating. That creativity has taken on many forms in her life, but in recent years it has focused mainly on painting.

Many of Cheryl’s works focus on her love for nature which has inspired many landscape and flower paintings.Cheryl also enjoys the freedom that abstract expressionism painting allows an artist. While on one hand it’s the serene beauty of a landscape or flower that is captured, in other works, Cheryl uses big color and heavy texture for nonrepresentational abstracts that provide impact and bold statements. Cheryl states that her hope is that her paintings provide as much joy to her clients as they do to her while creating them. When explaining her artistic mission or philosophy Cheryl states: “Original artwork can bring so much beauty and joy into our personal spaces and I can never get enough of it whether it’s my own work or the works of someone else. I never tire of experiencing art of all types and mediums”.

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Instagram: #cherylrhodesart
Facebook: Cheryl Rhodes Art

The Implico Gallery Collection Featuring MARY TOMÁS

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Contemporary painter Mary Tomás captures the quiet grace of natural forms; creating restful interludes in which to contemplate her ethereal scenes and to discover the metaphoric imagery revealed within their simplicity that gives three-dimensional context to the literal, emotional and spiritual world she interprets.

Using oil paints as translucent and saturated color, depicting light and shadow, form and space, Tomás explores the cohesive and mutable relationships between the elements of air, water, earth and sky, and their parallels in human nature. Evoking serenity to inspire a meditative calm, she seeks to awaken the consciousness.

A successful career in the arts for over 43 years in Dallas, TX, Tomás now resides in the mountains, surrounded by trees and water in Southeastern Tennessee near Chattanooga. The natural beauty continues to inspire her work.

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The Implico Gallery Collection Featuring ROBIN

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Robin Ingle is the Owner of Visual Expressions Creative Art School, Gallery, and Custom Framing (VECAS) and certified Women in Business (WBE). She is an accomplished artist who has shown/competed with her artwork and judged art shows throughout the US for 30+ years. She is a nationally known accomplished western artist who is currently experimenting with resin based contemporary art. This experimentation along with her continued education working with artists around the world has brought together and expanded her knowledge for multiple forms of art. Her area of work consists of private party commissions, customized large murals, and various projects throughout the city of Dallas. In 2003 her passion for art evolved by being

part of the development known as, The Ranch at Cedar Hill, and opening VECAS in 2004 expanding the arts and arts education to the Greater Southwest Dallas area. She has since come to be the Executive Director for the nonprofit, Art and Beyond, Inc. implementing well trained staff to provide numerous opportunities for the development of creative skills through art educational programs servicing the underprivileged and at risk youth of our community to help build a strong foundation for our children’s future success.

Connect With Robin Ingle

Visual Expressions Gallery:
1425 N. Hwy 67 Cedar Hill, TX 75104
Phone: 972-293-1117