Revamping Employee Benefits with a Strategic Communication Campaign

Jul 18, 2023

Client Background:

A leading healthcare provider faced a significant challenge concerning its employee benefits program. The Company had been providing a monthly stipend to employees who opted out of the medical plan, resulting in a total expenditure of over $2 million per year. This decision impacted many families, as they experienced a $750 monthly reduction in planned income. Furthermore, an employee survey revealed dissatisfaction with the existing medical benefits, prompting the company to invest the stipend funds back into the plan to create a more competitive benefits package. As part of this transformation, the company decided to introduce a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) and educate employees about its benefits and advantages.

Implico Communications’ Strategic Approach:

Implico Communications, in collaboration with the client, devised a comprehensive communication strategy to successfully introduce the new benefits package to all employees simultaneously. The campaign aimed to increase awareness, understanding, and acceptance of the HDHP among the workforce. Implico recommended using a combination of video, home mailers, email communications, postcards, posters, and an Open Enrollment meetings presentation to deliver a consistent and engaging message.

Campaign Components:

  1. Company-Wide Video Message:

Implico developed a script that effectively communicated the changes and benefits of the new HDHP. The senior leadership filmed the video on-site, ensuring a personal touch and conveying a sense of company-wide commitment. The video was broadcasted simultaneously to all employees, ensuring consistent messaging and creating a shared experience.

  1. Home Mailers:

To provide in-depth information in manageable segments, Implico suggested sending three home mailers. Each mailer introduced a specific aspect of the new benefits package, such as the HDHP, health savings accounts (HSAs), and the synergy between the two. These bite-sized pieces helped employees grasp the concept more easily and build anticipation for the changes.

  1. Email Support:

Following each home mailer, employees received supplementary emails containing additional information, clarifications, and support materials. These emails served as a reinforcement of the mailers and provided an opportunity for employees to ask questions or seek further guidance.

  1. Postcards and Posters:

To generate excitement and ensure high attendance for important events, Implico designed two postcards: a “Save the Date” and a “Don’t Miss Your Chance to Enroll” card. Additionally, eye-catching posters were strategically placed in breakrooms to reinforce key messages and encourage engagement.

  1. Manager Toolkit:

Implico created a Manager Toolkit to equip onsite managers with the necessary knowledge and resources to address employee inquiries and concerns effectively. The toolkit included a comprehensive FAQ section, guidance on managers’ role in facilitating the transition, and tips for ensuring a successful implementation.

  1. Open Enrollment Meetings Presentation:

To guarantee consistent messaging and provide an opportunity for employees to ask questions, Implico developed an engaging and informative presentation for Open Enrollment meetings. These sessions allowed employees to gain a deeper understanding of the benefits package and fostered a sense of unity and transparency within the organization.

Results and Outcomes:

The collaboration with Implico Communications led to a successful communication campaign that effectively introduced the new benefits package to employees. The strategic use of video, home mailers, email support, postcards, posters, and Open Enrollment meetings resulted in the following outcomes:

  1. Increased Awareness and Understanding:

Employees gained a comprehensive understanding of the HDHP, HSAs, and their combined advantages. The clear and consistent messaging helped them make informed decisions about their healthcare coverage.

  1. Higher Employee Engagement:

The personalized video message from senior leadership created a sense of unity and commitment among employees. The campaign’s variety of communication channels increased engagement and participation in Open Enrollment meetings.

  1. Enhanced Employee Satisfaction:

By reinvesting the stipend funds into a more competitive benefits package, The Company addressed employees’ concerns about poor medical benefits. The introduction of the HDHP and HSAs provided greater flexibility and financial advantages, resulting in improved employee satisfaction.

  1. Smooth Transition and Adoption:

The Manager Toolkit and Open Enrollment meetings presentation equipped managers to address employee questions and facilitated a smooth transition to the new benefits package. Employees felt supported and well-informed during the enrollment process.


Through a comprehensive communication campaign orchestrated by Implico Communications, The Company successfully transformed its employee benefits program. By leveraging various communication channels and delivering a consistent and engaging message, The Company achieved increased awareness, understanding, and adoption of the new benefits package. The strategic approach led to improved employee satisfaction and a more competitive benefits offering, positioning The Company as an employer of choice within the industry.