Keep Your People in the Loop with Newsletters

Feb 28, 2023

With everything people juggle on a day-to-day basis, it’s no wonder improving their health often falls to the bottom of the list. And despite the great package of benefits you offer, it’s still something employees only think about during open enrollment. Here at Implico Communications, we help our clients keep their health and wellness benefits front and center all year long, and health and wellness newsletters are one of the best ways to do it.

Meet Our Health and Wellness Newsletters

Our newsletter templates make it easy for you to connect with your team on a variety of topics — from specific promotions and action items to overall health and wellness topics. Newsletters provide an easy-to-digest format to communicate with your employees and ensure that they stay engaged all year long.

Newsletters provide a unique format from other benefits communications, with catchy headlines, concise articles, and interesting topics. It can be easy to get lost in the (necessary, albeit dry) details of a full benefits guide, but newsletters provide a chance to catch people’s attention and engage in a more laid-back—or dare we say “fun?”—way.

7 Popular Newsletter Topics That Grab Your Employees’ Attention

1.   Important Dates and Deadlines

Whether it’s Open Enrollment dates, biometric screening deadlines, or reminders to use FSA funds before their expiration, newsletters provide the perfect place to highlight dates and other important reminders.

2.   Mental Health and Wellbeing

People are continuing to grow in awareness of the importance of mental health, but there’s still a long way to go. Your newsletter could be an opportunity to raise awareness and decrease stigma surrounding these topics, while reminding people of the mental health benefits you offer.

3.   Parental Leave and Adoption Benefits

Parental leave and other related benefits are moving to the front and center of the benefits conversation. Highlighting leave benefits is one of the best ways to let your employees know that you care about them—at work, and in their personal lives—and newsletters are a perfect place to do it.

4.   Special Events and Benefits Promotions

Whether it’s Breast Cancer Awareness in October or American Heart Month in February, newsletters are the perfect opportunity to take advantage of a national conversation and tailor it to the needs of your community. Newsletters also provide a place to remind people about promotional events and company initiatives, ensuring increased engagement and participation.

5.   Preparing for Open Enrollment

Newsletters can be a great way to build excitement about upcoming Open Enrollment, share about benefits changes, and give people time to consider their needs and options, leading up to the annual event. A newsletter highlights and unpacks the process of Open Enrollment in a simple and friendly format, giving another (often necessary!) opportunity to engage people, leading up to the main event.

6.   Wellness and Preventive Care

Too many people only use their benefits when they’re unwell. Newsletters can be a tool that helps to change that. Communicating with people about the preventive care options available to them—often at no cost—is one way to help people stay healthy and reduce their healthcare costs overall. That’s a win for everyone!

7.   Fitness and Healthy Habits

Whether it’s simple exercise ideas, healthy eating tips, or resources to reduce harmful coping mechanisms, a newsletter can be a place to address the specific needs you see arising among your organization. Giving people the tools to implement positive change will make a world of difference in people’s lives, both at home, and in the office.

Ready to get started?

If you’re looking to help your employees become more knowledgeable about the great benefits you offer or hoping to inspire them in improving their physical, mental, and financial health, we’re got you covered. Contact Implico to learn about our newsletter options today!