Implico’s Guide to Engaging Employees

Jan 25, 2024

At this time of the year, many of you evaluate and modify your benefits communication strategies. The goal is always to convey benefits information to employees in a way they comprehend and appreciate and to help in this endeavor, we have compiled some practical tips that can make a real difference in communicating complex benefits information.

Effective Communication Strategies

Tip 1: Personalize Your Message. Employees are likelier to engage with benefits information when it seems pertinent. Segment your audience and customize your messages to address each group’s specific concerns and needs.

Tip 2: Use Clear, Concise Language. The world of benefits often relies on jargon that needs clarification. Ensure that your communication is clear and free of unnecessary complexity to ensure that all employees, regardless of their familiarity with the subject, can understand their options.

Tip 3: Leverage Visual Aids. Visuals can transform how information is received. Infographics, charts, and videos are excellent tools for breaking intricate details into digestible pieces.

Tip 4: Provide Interactive Resources. Interactivity can significantly boost engagement. Give your employees tools, such as interactive guides or microsites, to explore their benefits at their own pace.

How Implico’s Core Services Align with These Strategies

  • Customized Open Enrollment Communication: Implico’s range of benefits guides comes in various formats to resonate with your brand’s voice and meet your audience’s needs. With over 70 layouts, you can ensure your benefits communication is as unique as your workforce.
  • The vSeries™ – Interactive Microsites that Engage and Inform: Our vSeries™ microsites are perfect examples of interactive resources. They include engaging videos and comprehensive benefits information designed to make navigation and understanding effortless.
  • Video Solutions that Clarify and Captivate: Following the power of visuals, our video solutions range from explainer videos that simplify complex benefits concepts to custom videos that address specific questions and topics, making them an invaluable part of your communication toolkit.
  • You Can Have It All: With Implico’s “You Can Have it All” package, we help you deliver a comprehensive benefits communications package that delivers your benefits message clearly and effectively and includes our interactive vGuide/Fair, a customizable benefits guide and a PPT Presentation with a Overview Highlights video.

Integrating the Benefits Resource Hub into Your Strategy

The Benefits Resource Hub is the ultimate companion for benefits communication, providing a comprehensive platform with resources. It’s designed for seamless communication, offering everything from professional PowerPoint benefit guides and multi-channel Open Enrollment campaign materials to an extensive library of explainer videos.  At the heart of the platform is the BRH Library, updated monthly with multilingual articles, newsletters, and customizable wellness flyers based on the Four Pillars of Wellness. It’s integrated with the Ask Ava! AI database, ensuring users access the latest, most relevant content. The AI assistant is a game-changer. It connects users with a specialized database for on-point communications, delivering precise content that aligns with employers’ goals and employees’ understanding. Ask Ava! simplifies navigating the hub’s vast resources, providing instant assistance and enriching the benefits of the communication experience.


We Make You Shine

Effective benefits communication is an ongoing challenge, but it can be manageable with the right approach and tools. Implico Communications supports you with services that align with best practices and help make you shine.