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Create lasting engagement with year-round communications! Why hire one or even two employees, when for the same price you can gain complete access to our team of experienced writers and designers with our IImplico365™ retainer option. We will immerse ourselves in your business and become an extension of your HR or Communication team – we can help.

With each Implico365™ retainer, you receive our monthly wellness newsletter that can be provided to your clients as a value-add to your other services. Each edition is branded with the client logo and delivered in a digital PDF format ready for client distribution.  You also have access to our Article Library which is full of topics that support the pillars of wellness.

As an extension of your team, we are able to develop a communications strategy unique to your company, then execute on that strategy. Below are samples of the type of materials we can produce for you.

  • Benefit and Wellness Logos brand your program, so your communications stand out.
  • Monthly or Quarterly Benefits Newsletters inspire people to improve their physical, emotional, and financial health by educating employees on maximizing their benefits.
  • Ongoing Benefits Engagement builds your strategy to go beyond the dates of Open Enrollment with the constant communication that encourages employees to stay engaged.
  • The ICI HR Toolkit: Benefits are front and center, and benefits’ value has never been more critical. Good benefits communication is more than just enrolling – it now covers the entire employee journey within a company. Our toolkit helps you provide a cohesive campaign for every journey step.