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One Flat Fee, Comprehensive Services

Welcome to Implico365. Our comprehensive retainer plan offers a multidisciplinary team of experts in benefits communication. With experienced writers, designers, and video producers, we are equipped to address any communication challenge efficiently.

One Flat Fee, Comprehensive Services

Implico365 offers two distinct retainer types, each designed to cater to different broker needs:

National/Regional Broker Retainer: This retainer is ideal for brokers operating on a national or regional scale who aim to reduce the cost per product. By committing to a monthly retainer, they can lower the cost of goods, with these costs being charged back against the retainer. This approach provides a financial advantage, allowing brokers to offer competitive pricing while maintaining service quality.

All-Inclusive Retainer for Your Clients: Tailored for brokers managing large clients or clients with multiple needs, this retainer ensures a comprehensive solution. It eliminates the guesswork and time spent on creating multiple estimates for various deliverables. Brokers can offer their clients everything they need without the hassle, ensuring a smooth, efficient process. This all-in solution is perfect for those who value simplicity and effectiveness in managing client relationships.

Access to The Benefits Resource HubTM

Our Benefits Resource Hub, part of our Level II and III plans, offers AI-enhanced, curated content to demystify complex benefits information. Clients on Level I can access this as an add-on, ensuring a tailored benefits communication experience.

Each retainer plan is designed with the broker’s unique circumstances in mind, ensuring they have the right tools and financial flexibility to meet their clients’ diverse needs effectively.

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To learn more about our Implico365 retainer plan and how it can transform your benefits communication strategy, visit our website or contact us. With Implico365, simplify your strategy, enjoy transparent pricing, and experience comprehensive support. Join us for excellence in benefits communication.