Implico 365™—Benefits Communications for Every Day of the Year

May 27, 2022

Here at Implico Communications, we believe that the core of good communication is engaging and connecting with your audience.

We know the effort that you put into creating top-notch benefits packages for your employees, but do they realize it? As Implico founder, Amy Lichtenwalter, says, “If you’re not going to talk about your benefits, you might as well not even offer them.”

Our goal is to make it easy for employers to share information about the benefits they offer, so employees can make informed decisions regarding care for themselves and their loved ones. We help our clients consider their goals in benefits communications—what you want to communicate to your employees and why. We want to ensure your employees stay connected, from their first time enrolling in benefits, through their last day on the job, and each day of their journey with your company.

That’s why we created Implico 365™.

Implico365™ is our package which helps you create the communications you need to connect with your employees 365 days of the year. From annual benefits overviews to those that focus on specific life events, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at what Implico 365™ has to offer.

Total Rewards

Our Total Rewards Program is a comprehensive guide to all of the benefits you offer. This detailed resource provides employees with all the information they need to understand and take advantage of your benefits package, from medical care to life insurance and more. We help to communicate these benefits in a way that speaks to your company culture and gets your employees excited about everything you have to offer.

Wellness Engagement

Supporting employee wellness has proven benefits on all sides. Our Wellness Engagement materials provide an opportunity for you to highlight particular benefits and wellness initiatives, ensuring that health and wellness remains at the forefront for your team. This resource allows people to experience a sense of connection with their fellow employees and encourages them in taking steps to prioritize their health and wellbeing.

Benefits At-A-Glance

Looking for a quick and easy-to-reference guide to the benefits you offer? Benefits-At-A-Glance gives a snapshot of the most commonly used benefits in a way that is both convenient and compact.

Life Events Brochure

In the midst of significant life changes, benefits are often the last thing on people’s minds. Our life events brochures help people understand what actions they need to take (and the timeline) to ensure no break in coverage during major life events, such as marriage or divorce, welcoming a child, or other qualifying life events.

Monthly or Quarterly Newsletters

Want to keep your employees engaged in their health and wellness benefits throughout the year? Our monthly or quarterly newsletters give you the opportunity to connect your team to various events, promotions, and action items, inspiring them to improve their physical, mental, and financial health. Newsletters serve to highlight particular aspects of their coverage in an easy-to-digest format that both educates employees and reminds them of the great benefits you offer.

Benefit and Wellness Logos

Our team at Implico helps you brand your benefits program, ensuring that your communications get noticed. We work with your team to create logos and branding that connect with your team and reflect your values.

When it comes to designing a benefits communications strategy, we know it’s easy to feel stuck between high quality communications packages and ones that are a better fit your budget. With Implico 365™, you don’t have to make the choice. Let’s get started.