The Implico HR Toolkit: Your Comprehensive HR Solution

Are you seeking a powerful and streamlined approach to your HR needs? Look no further. Our HR Toolkit is a comprehensive suite of tools designed to revolutionize your HR processes. From recruitment to compliance, our toolkit empowers you with the resources needed to drive engagement, support growth, and ensure compliance.

Explore Our Four Key Aspects:


1.  Recruiting Excellence

Uncover the secret to attracting top-tier talent with our Career Navigator Brochure. Crafted through collaborative consultations, this 4-page document showcases your organization’s unique strengths, growth opportunities, and employee-centric approach. Elevate your recruitment game and stand out from the competition.

2.  Seamless Onboarding

Introduce new team members to your company’s ethos with our Onboarding presentation with either a PowerPoint or our digital online option. Foster connections with your company’s mission, culture, and key individuals. Our Manager Checklist ensures no detail is overlooked, supporting both employee and manager during the pivotal first 90 days.

3.  Enhanced Retention Strategies

Are you ready to foster lasting employee loyalty and satisfaction? Discover the power of Implico’s Enhanced Retention Strategies, where we combine two impactful tools to strengthen your employee engagement and retention efforts.

  • Total Rewards Brochure: A Holistic View of Employee Benefits
    Go beyond the basics of medical and dental coverage. Our Total Rewards Brochure offers a comprehensive overview of the rewards your organization provides. Highlight employee stock options, generous 401(k) matches, mental health support, educational assistance, and more. Showcase the holistic value your company offers, empowering employees to see the bigger picture.
  • Employee Value Proposition (EVP) Playbook: Shape Your Unique Identity
    Craft a compelling narrative that resonates with your workforce. With our EVP Playbook, we collaborate closely to define your core values and translate them into powerful pillars. Develop a logo and tagline that encapsulate your benefits program’s essence. Persona-driven strategies delve into your employees’ motivations, ensuring a tailored approach that connects and resonates. Strengthen engagement, trust, and pride within your organization.

4.  Robust Support and Compliance

Navigate the complexities of leave and benefits changes with confidence. Our Qualified Life Events Brochure ensures your employees are well-informed about key benefit change opportunities. Additionally, our comprehensive Leaves Brochure outlines the various leave options available, offering clarity during important life moments.

Empower your HR initiatives with the Implico HR Toolkit, a powerful suite of resources tailored to your needs. Elevate recruitment, onboarding, retention, and compliance effortlessly. Streamline HR processes, enhance employee engagement, and drive success.



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