Enhancing Employee Engagement and Cost Savings Through an Annual Partnership

Jul 18, 2023


Implico Communications was approached by a national equipment rental company, to provide ongoing creative support. With the company facing challenges related to their existing broker model and a lack of internal creative resources, Implico stepped in to help revamp their annual campaign and streamline their HR messaging. This case study highlights how Implico’s in-house design team delivered a cohesive and visually engaging solution, resulting in enhanced employee engagement and substantial cost savings.

Client Background:

The company, a national equipment rental company, had previously relied on a National Broker for creative support. However, the account did not generate enough commissions to access free broker materials, and the broker’s exorbitant fee of $650 per hour was deemed unsustainable. Recognizing the need for a more cost-effective and efficient solution, the company sought the expertise of Implico Communications.

Challenges Faced:

  1. Lack of internal creative resources: The company did not possess an in-house design team, resulting in a heavy reliance on external brokers for creative services. This approach proved to be expensive and restrictive.
  1. Inconsistent campaign visuals: The existing annual campaign lacked a cohesive and fresh look, which made it difficult to engage employees effectively.
  1. Limited access to materials: The company needed a comprehensive benefits microsite and recruiting platform that could house all relevant information, but printed materials were both costly and inefficient.

Implico’s Solution:

  1. An alternative to an in-house design team: Implico deployed its experienced and skilled in-house design team to provide ongoing creative support to the company. This approach ensured consistent communication, efficient collaboration, and faster turnaround times.


  1. Cohesive annual campaign: Implico worked closely with the company to develop a visually engaging annual campaign that showcased a fresh look each year. In additional to the Open Enrollment campaign – benefits guide, posters, postcards and home-mailders, Implico created compelling emails, flyers, and other HR messaging materials to effectively engage employees throughout the year.
  1. Benefits microsite: Implico created a comprehensive benefits microsite that served as a central hub for all current benefits information. The microsite also included a portal for benefit Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBCs), carrier flyers, and enrollment forms. This digital solution replaced costly printed materials and allowed for easy updates and accessibility.
  1. Recruitment platform: The benefits microsite was expanded to include a dedicated section for recruitment. Implico transformed the platform into a cost-effective solution for recruiting, reducing reliance on printed materials and enabling the company to reach a wider audience.

Results and Benefits:

  1. Enhanced employee engagement: The cohesive and visually appealing annual campaign designed by Implico’s team effectively engaged the company’s employees. The fresh look each year created anticipation and excitement, resulting in increased participation in company initiatives and improved morale.
  1. Cost savings: By leveraging Implico’s design team, the company eliminated the need for expensive broker services. The cost savings were substantial, as the previous broker fee of $650 per hour was replaced with a more cost-effective solution.
  1. Streamlined information dissemination: The benefits microsite developed by Implico provided the company with a centralized platform for all benefits-related information. This streamlined approach allowed employees to access essential materials easily and reduced the time and effort spent on manual distribution of printed materials.
  1. Sustainable recruiting solution: The microsite provided the company with a sustainable and cost-effective solution for attracting new talent. The digital platform enabled broader reach and improved the efficiency of the recruitment process.


By partnering with Implico Communications and leveraging their design team, the company successfully addressed the challenges of high costs, inconsistent campaign visuals, and limited access to materials. The collaboration resulted in an engaging and visually appealing annual campaign, a comprehensive benefits microsite, and a sustainable recruitment platform. The outcomes included enhanced employee engagement, substantial cost savings, and streamlined information dissemination. Implico’s expertise and commitment to providing tailored creative solutions allowed The company to achieve their marketing goals efficiently and effectively