Engagement Beyond Open Enrollment

Apr 8, 2024

HR departments have to deal with the challenge of disseminating vital information effectively even after as open enrollment. What if there was a tool that not only simplified communication during open enrollment but also acted as a dynamic resource for continuous employee engagement and even recruitment? Meet the Implico vFlyer – cost effective yet impactful communication.

The Communication Challenge in HR

Human resources professionals are tasked with reaching out to different types of employees, engaging them effectively and ensuring they have access to key information whenever they want it. During Open Enrollment however, this becomes even more challenging since informing is no longer enough-employees must be engaged and empowered to make informed choices. Nevertheless, just because Open Enrollment season ends does not imply that the needs for communication end too. This mainly involves onboarding new hires and always keeping an engaged workforce throughout the entire year that sometimes faces constraints due to limited resources or strategic resource allocations.

vFlyer: A Year-Round Strategic Asset

  1. Cost-Effective Engagement: As a result, there are no costly print materials or mailings required when using the vFlyer thus saving HR department budgets.
  2. From Open Enrollment to Ongoing Engagement: Once the Open Enrollment process is over, the vFlyer acts as versatile portal for both newly hired staffs and those who were here before. It serves as an evergreen resource which can consist or a Benefits Guide,  or a Benefits-at-a-Glance (BAAG), which can include essential details about enrollment and benefits updates among others.
  3. Recruitment and Onboarding Tool: For prospective and new employees, vFlyer offers a comprehensive interactive overview of the company’s benefits fostering positive first impressions while also enhancing recruitment activities. It simplifies the onboarding process, making new hires feel knowledgeable and accepted.

Innovative Uses of vFlyer Beyond Enrollment

  • Interactive Recruitment Tool: You can employ vFlyer in recruitment events or career pages showing how concerned this employer is with the welfare of his or her employees thereby attracting talented individuals.
  • New Hire Orientation: Use vFlyer as part of its new hire orientation, providing a platform where newcomers learn about benefits and company culture interactively.
  • Year-Round Benefits Resource: The vFlyer should operate as the dynamic accessible hub for all employees so they always have the most updated information on benefits and company news.

vFlyer is not just a solution for Open Enrollment; it’s a versatile tool that addresses the broader challenge of effective communication within HR practices. By utilizing the vFlyer over the course of an entire year, human resource departments can improve their engagement strategies, increase information availability and support their recruitment and onboarding processes. Not only does this innovative approach maximize investment in vFlyer platform but also contributes to a culture of transparency and engagement that formulates more connected and informed organizational community.

Check out the vFlyer today and see if it is a fit for you or your client.