Creating a Grocery Store’s Employee Value Proposition

Jul 18, 2023

Client Background:

Implico Communications was approached by a broker consultant whose client was a grocery store in need of assistance with attracting and retaining quality employees. The consultant recognized a disconnect between the recruitment process and the actual employee experience. To address this challenge, Implico Communications was engaged to develop an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) Playbook, including a benefits brand, program name, mark, and tagline.


The project kicked off by convening a group of key stakeholders from the grocery store. A workshop was held to not only educate them on the concept of an EVP and its significance in attracting and retaining talent, but also to participate in discussions to better understand their perspectives on employees who leave and those who choose to stay.

Insights and Data Analysis:

Using the insights gathered from the workshop, along with survey data provided by the consultant, we collaborated with the client to develop a set of pillars that formed the foundation of their EVP. Each pillar was further expanded with key messaging, and we aligned them with a comprehensive Total Rewards program. Additionally, we utilized the survey data to create a series of personas, representing different employee types. These personas allowed us to tailor key talking points for managers, enabling them to effectively engage with individual employees based on their unique preferences and priorities.


Implico Communications provided the client with an EVP Playbook, a comprehensive document outlining the essential components of their EVP strategy. The playbook included the following sections:

  1. EVP Overview: We defined what an EVP is and highlighted its importance in attracting and retaining talent. This section also addressed any roadblocks identified during the workshop sessions.
  1. Pillars and Messaging: We outlined the developed pillars and associated key messaging, providing a clear framework for communicating the value proposition to employees.
  1. Total Rewards Program Alignment: Each pillar was aligned with the appropriate Total Rewards program, ensuring a cohesive approach to employee benefits and incentives.
  1. Personas: We created a detailed description of various employee personas, highlighting their motivations, priorities, and preferred benefits. This information empowered managers to have more meaningful conversations with their team members, addressing their specific needs.
  1. Program Name and Logo Options: Implico Communications presented three program name options, each accompanied by a logo and a tagline. These options were designed to capture the essence of the EVP and resonate with both current and potential employees.

To bring the EVP Playbook to life, we compiled all the deliverables in a visually appealing colored brochure, enhancing the overall presentation and impact.

Results and Impact:

By leveraging Implico Communications’ expertise in EVP development, the grocery store successfully crafted a compelling value proposition for its employees. The EVP Playbook provided a clear understanding of the EVP concept, actionable messaging strategies, and persona-based guidance for effective communication. The program name options, along with the associated logo and tagline, gave the client a strong visual identity to showcase their commitment to employee satisfaction.

Moving forward, the grocery store can now attract and retain top talent more effectively by aligning their recruitment process, employee experience, and benefits program with the newly established EVP. Implico Communications played a vital role in creating a compelling Employee Value Proposition, ultimately helping the grocery store overcome their talent acquisition and retention challenges.