Benefits Communication for Every Stage of Life

Apr 5, 2023

Life can be quite the rollercoaster. From the exciting changes to the difficult ones, from transitions that have been in the works for years, to the ones that come out of nowhere, you want your employees to know that you’ve got their back.

That’s why our team at Implico has designed brochures to help your employees through a range of significant life events. Whether it’s getting married or welcoming a child, losing a dependent, getting a divorce, or planning for retirement—change can be intimidating. Our team specializes in creating brochures to remind your employees that in the ups and downs of life, they work for a company that provides benefits and resources to support their health and well-being through it all.

Remind Your Employees You Care with Life Events Brochures

The benefits you offer are a reflection of how much you care for the well-being of your employees, so take advantage of every opportunity to let them know you’ve got their back, especially in life events. Our Life Events Brochures cover the gamut of the benefits employees have available and the actions they need to take when a life event happens. Life Events Brochures cover things like:

  • Leave: If time off during life events is something you offer, make sure your employees have all the details of this benefit at their fingertips.

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  • Financial Resources: Whether it’s adoption assistance or retirement funds, take the opportunity to remind your employees of the ways you want to help them in these important moments.
  • Legal Support: If your benefits include legal consultation or other unique resources, this is your chance to highlight all the ways you’re looking out for your people.
  • Coverage Reminders: When a life event takes place, employees have a limited amount of time to make changes to their benefits. Remind your employees of the deadlines and requirements to adding or removing dependents from coverage.

3 Ways Life Events Brochures Help

Life can get chaotic in the midst of change, so it’s important to communicate in ways that are clear, concise, and directive.

Clear: Our Life Events Brochures help you compile all the necessary information in a way that can be easily understood and acted upon. In the midst of life’s changes, remembering the details and deadlines often goes by the wayside. Simplifying communication and providing a checklist can go a long way in connecting your employees to the benefits you offer.

Concise: When change hits, no matter how prepared you are, there is always a lot of information to be sorted. In times of transition, the pile of paperwork can quickly build. You want your employees to have all the information they need about their benefits in one place. Our brochures are sure to catch people’s attention and ensure that, even in a sea of paper, they’re easy to find and reference, any time they need it.

Directive: For those in the midst of decision fatigue that comes with significant life events, it’s important to ensure that people know exactly what they need to do in order to take advantage of the benefits you offer. Our brochures allow you to communicate simple step-by-step directions, which helps people to take action in the moment, rather than pushing the task to the bottom of the list.

Let Implico Help!

At Implico, it’s our mission to help you provide your employees with benefits communications that help them to stay connected and engaged with the benefits you offer.

If you’re looking to ensure your employees have the information, resources, and assistance they need in the midst of life events, connect with us today! Your employees may feel a bit uncertain about what the future holds, but they know they can count on you and the benefits you provide. That kind of support is invaluable.