Benefits At A Glance: The Implico vBAAG™

Jun 4, 2024

Do your employees truly understand the benefits they are eligible to receive? What is your current process for employees to view their benefits? Are they limited to viewing their benefits only through the payroll or HR database? How effective is this actually?  

Are Your Employees Satisfied? 

Employees want and need clarity on the benefits offered to them. As an employer, it is important to understand your employees and meet their needs, especially when it comes to benefits communication efforts. Traditional methods just aren’t cutting it anymore – and that’s okay.  

According to Aflac’s 2023-2024 Workforce Report, “82% of employees stress the importance of being able to manage their benefits online.”1 However, in the same report, it is stated that “more than one-third of employers do not support online enrollment.”1 It is safe to say that there is a large disconnect between how employees want to view their benefits and how many employers listen.  

So, what is the solution? How can you effectively communicate the benefits your company offers to your employees?  

Our Solution 

Introducing… the Implico vBAAG™ (Virtual Benefits-at-a-Glance): Your Digital Benefits Hub! 

The vBAAG™ provides your employees with a clear, concise overview of their benefits. It serves as a one-stop shop for employees and their families to overlook information or enroll in their plans. Our informative explainer videos can also be implemented to elevate employees’ understanding of their benefits. 

Implico understands the benefits process – it’s not as simple as many would assume. When employees are making decisions for their health care plan, a quick skim of the benefits available is not enough for a fully educated decision. Before enrolling, it is crucial to carefully look through all the benefits the company offers. If an employee has a spouse or family, they are going to want their benefits information readily available so everyone can take a look at the benefits offered.  

Traditional communications routes do not allow for this. With the Implico vSeries, specifically our vBAAG, employers are now able to transform traditional documents into a more interactive and efficient communications route.  


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